A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a top down, Zelda-style rogue-like that was created on the 2015 TrainJam. Trivial Track was created in less than 40 hours. The goal is to reach the front of the moving train before the dastardly villain runs over the damsel in distress.

Saw blades bounce around the levels that can be avoid or knocked away with the hero's sword. Turrets are placed in several locations and once they notice the hero they will begin to shoot. They can only be destroyed by knocking saw blades into them, but you only get one bounce (while the saw blade looks black). There are also holes in the floor that need to be avoided, or you can place planks on them (by picking up the planks then walking over the hole).


  • W, A, S, D: Move up down left and right
    • The player only looks in two directions, but the sword does swing upwards and downwards, depending on the last direction pressed
  • Right Shift: Swing your sword


Programmed by Alex Jacob and Jonathan Evraire; Art by Dave Sonnier; Level Design by Curt Zuehls

Install instructions

Download and run Setup.exe to install the game. Customize your controls on the Unity launch screen.


setup.exe 13 MB